MERZ adalah Handle/Ohm Saklar/Cam Starter Made in Germany, aplikasi untuk Genset, Mesin, Stabilizer.

MERZ GZ Standard B

Merz GZ 200A/3 Phase/4P rp (Stock Check)

Merz GZ 125A/3 Phase/4P rp 3.400.000 (Stock Check)

Merz GZ 100A/3 Phase/4P rp 2.320.000 (Stock Check)

Merz GZ 63A/3 Phase/4P rp 1.900.000

Merz GZ 63A/1 Phase/3P rp 1.950.000

MERZ GZ 40A/3 Phase/4P rp 1.050.000

MERZ GZ 40A/1 Phase/3P rp 970.000

MERZ GZ 32A/1 Phase/3P rp 800.000

MERZ GZ 25A/1 Phase/3P rp 750.000

MERZ GZ 16A/1 Phase/3P rp 680.000

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